Fate/Stay Night: Code Error
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Fate/Stay Night: Code Error

It is time for the Holy Grail War. The stage has been set, the participants are preparing. In the fight for this magical item of unlimited power, what will you be? Will you be a Master? A Servant? A Magus? Good or Evil? You decide. Good luck...
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 Psyren Reborn

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PostSubject: Psyren Reborn   Mon Oct 25, 2010 6:04 pm

Discover the world of Psyren...

Discover a world where the power is in your hands. It's you who can decide the fate of the entire world. Whether the world survives to see another day, or dies and becomes a desolate wasteland is up to you. Watch your character grow and develop as you learn the secrets of Psi. See the world your character lives in be effected by your choices. Killing an enemy now, gives you one less enemy in the future...

Here is what you can expect from Psyren Reborn...

  • The ability to post in 2 topics.
  • Fair, active, friendly and unbiased staff.
  • A plot where the members decide what happens next.
  • The ability to witness your character get stronger and grow as not only an individual but a being of power.
  • Never heard of Psyren? No problem. Our staff will happily do their best to help you understand.
  • No canon characters, so you don't have to worry about running into the super powerful antagonist, or the dangerous protagonist.

Discover the future...
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Psyren Reborn
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