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Fate/Stay Night: Code Error

It is time for the Holy Grail War. The stage has been set, the participants are preparing. In the fight for this magical item of unlimited power, what will you be? Will you be a Master? A Servant? A Magus? Good or Evil? You decide. Good luck...
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 Saber's Noble Phantasm

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PostSubject: Saber's Noble Phantasm   Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:59 pm

Name: Samurai of Bushido
Owner: Saber
Title: Anything I wield can kill
Rank: A++
Type: Support

Ability: A representation of when Saber used an oar to fight an opponent in a sword battle.

Once Saber grabs hold of anything that can be even remotely conceptualized as a weapon with her hands and she recognizes that she wishes to wield it, it instantly gains the property of "becoming her Noble Phantasm." It allows for something as worthless as a piece of scrap iron to be turned into a demonic spear or sword capable of damaging Servants and striking legendary weapons. The item will be a D rank weapon, and if she takes another Servant's Noble Phantasm of a superior rank, its quality will be maintained while under Saber's control. She is able to naturally control any weapon that she wields as if it were a favorite weapon with which she specialized in and polished her skills for many years. She gains complete control over any machinery that she makes use of and their capabilities are greatly strengthened and modified.

Ability Range: 1
Amount of targets: 30 people



Ability Range:
Amount of targets:
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Saber's Noble Phantasm
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