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It is time for the Holy Grail War. The stage has been set, the participants are preparing. In the fight for this magical item of unlimited power, what will you be? Will you be a Master? A Servant? A Magus? Good or Evil? You decide. Good luck...
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 Rules of the site

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PostSubject: Rules of the site   Sat Oct 23, 2010 2:29 pm

1. Never disrespect the admins
We can screw you over. HARD.
2. Always abide by the rules

3. No godmoding.
For those unaware of what the term means when applied to a RP context it is used to describe a players acting in manner where they are not bound or limited by anything (such as their Characters inability to do something) and show no regard for the actions of other people. No 'going Dragonball Z' paraphrases this rule.

Here are a few random examples (they are not taken from anywhere on site, this is not an exercise to point out peoples RP skills, which take time to develop after all):

In a Standard RP Context

-A character runs in to an enemy he cannot hope to defeat. Next post he claims to kill the enemy in a blink of an eye without even losing a heart beat.

4. If you come into any trouble, please inform the admins

5. Do not spam
or suffer from the consequences. Especialy: Do not spam in the Admin and Mod area unless the post explicitly asks for it. It is meant for people to read new updates/announcements or the like. Any questions refering to something in this area, please contact Crimson Moon, Areos or any of the Mods.

6. Please keep your posts at proper length
to a bare minimum of 4 sentences. There is no particular upper limit, but if you intend on writing books: some people won't bother even starting to read.

7. No metagaming.
For those unaware of what the term means when applied to a RP context it is used to describe a players' use of assumed characteristics of the game. In particular, metagaming often refers to having a character act on knowledge that only the player has access to.

Here are a few random examples (they are not taken from anywhere on site, this is not an exercise to point out peoples RP skills, which take time to develop after all):

In a Standard RP Context:

A character tricking a medusa to stare at a mirror when the character has never even heard of medusas and should not be aware of their petrifying stare.

Another example would be guessing the class of a Servant without any clear sign. As in, if you saw a Servant and they didn't have their weapon out or they didn't reveal it, finding out what class they are is impossible.

8. FAQ means frequently asked questions.
Those asking questions answered in the FAQ, Shall be punished. seriously, we got better stuff to do than introduce the whole RP to you.

9. No cyber bullying
If anything like this is reported, and can be proven your account will be banned for 1 week unless you produce a valid reason. The pm must be forwarded to the admins. Even without prove you will be contacted on that matter, and if reported too often you may very well be banned aswell.

10: Don't go overboard with your character, if you go over the bounds I will address you.

11: I'd appreciate it if your username was the same as your character. When it comes to Servants, until their true identity is revealed, I will allow them to remain enigmatic as to who they are.

12: Post in one topic only, meaning if you wish to go into another topic, you must make an exit post (That is still proper length and quality) before you can go into another. If you wanna do posting while waiting, go post in the OOC area.


OOC: Use () when talking Out of Character.(brb, dinner) Note that OOC posts do not affect gameplay.

Sexual content: You may not engage in sexual gameplay in this forum. However, you may do it through pms. Remember, no one wants to know how you got a girl pregnant. If it is an NPC, then go ahead and post. But you are not to post the process. Just slight details like *Brings girl into room* and after that *Puts on shirt*for short, timeskip.

Violence: You are not to engage in overly bloody and gory situations. If you are desprate for it, please respond by putting [M18] before your post and putting the post into a spoiler as so

You can't just kill off other characters, the same usualy applies with NPC's that you belong to someone else. Your character may die if you wish to, and create a new char. However, if its plausible and you did not heed the warnings that your character is in serious danger, it might very well happen that your character will be forced to die. Whether it is plausible or not will be decided by the mods/admins. Characters that decide to run or flee will most likely not be killed.
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Rules of the site
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