Fate/Stay Night: Code Error
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Fate/Stay Night: Code Error

It is time for the Holy Grail War. The stage has been set, the participants are preparing. In the fight for this magical item of unlimited power, what will you be? Will you be a Master? A Servant? A Magus? Good or Evil? You decide. Good luck...
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 Assassin's home alone?......Uh-oh!

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PostSubject: Assassin's home alone?......Uh-oh!   Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:41 pm

Assassin kept his face carefully composed in the obediant look till Ruke walked out the door,then relaxed and sighed in releif. "Huh, talk about a grouch.Then again, I did embarrass him and my self by falling into that pool......." He winced. "Man, I really wish I was older,then I wouldn't so embarrassed by things like women swiming in pools. " He sighs. "Oh well. I wonder what 'school' is?" He shrugged, and walked around,looking for food.
He walked into the kitchen and saw a huge retangular white box."Hmm? Could it contain food? well,mightas well see."He reached for the handle located on the door of the object and pulled it open.He stared in wide-eyed wonder at all the food. he reached for a stack of thin brown colered rectangles with spiky ends.He pulled one down and read the words on the front of it. "Choc-lo-ut? Huh, interesting name." He bit into it. ".......Yuck! it's practically tasteless!" He pulled it out and saw that the thing he bit into was a covering of some sort. he reached for the end of the optject, amd pulled on one of the tiny spikes. Where he pulled,the covering pelled away,showing a dark brown inside. He finished peeling the covering away, and bit into the object again. ".......Yum! This tastes great! Choclout is one of the best things I've tasted!" He closed the white object,and walked into the living room, nibbling on the bar. He reached for the remote and turned the tv on. A cartoon about monsters and demons came on, and he watched, complety memerized.
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Assassin's home alone?......Uh-oh!
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